HTTP Working Group Materials

HTTP Working Group Interim Meeting Minutes - February 2021

9 February 2021

There are official RFCs now for Structured Headers (RFC8941) and Client Hints (RFC8942)

Active Extension Drafts

Extensible Prioritization Scheme for HTTP - Lucas


Signing HTTP Messages

Digest Headers - Lucas

Slides Lucas: Since October is mostly editorial changes, with no new version pushed

RFC6265bis - Lily


HTTP/2 bis - Martin

Slides Martin Thomson: Not a lot to report

11 February 2021

bcp56bis - Mark

Mark: Went to last call a long time ago, parked it. There’s been substantial rewrites since then. Mark made recent changes to refer to core. Wise to do another WGLC since it has changed. Call for WG participants to file issues against it. Wants to WGLC in a few weeks.

Mark: Cache status ready for WGLC.

Mark: Proxy status ready for WGLC.


Mark: 26 issues open. Editors believed 9 issues are worth discussing, but floor is open for other issue discussion.

Issue 751

Issue 740, mid stream trailers

Roy to produce a proposal for striking the section.

Issue 733: Arbitrary limitation on authentication parameters

WG took the action to keep the definition as-is.

Issue 729: Proxy in the cache key

WG will take this as editorial and clarify.

Issue 715: Unknown preconditions aren’t safe

Roy to write a new proposal to clarify.

Issue 697: Whitespace is not removed from field values in H2 or H3

The WG agreed that the editors are to clarify this text, which should be a requirement. Also taking an item to clarify the text in H2.

Issue 687: MUST NOT lie

Roy to propose improvements and rephrasing the text.

Issue 683: Control characters

WG agrees to align with fetch for hard refusal of characters and strongly caution against the use of control characters for senders and field definitions. CR and NULL to be replaced by space or rejected.

Issue 681: Should -messaging obsolete RFC 1945?

Working group agrees close with no action.

Issue 743: Where does upgrade go?

WG to leave this in semantics.

Issue 690: Is -messaging part of the core spec?

Martin to open a ticket for his proposal.

CDN Cache Control


WG to call for adoption.