HTTP Working Group Materials

http-core status for Singapore IETF 106


The -06 drafts for http-core were published last week:

Diffs since 05 can be seen at

and a frankenRFC diff of all changes since the last consensus RFCs, rearranged according to the current draft structure to show just the word changes:

As always, the best way to track our work is on github at

and especially the list of commits and open issues:

For this meeting, we will probably focus on the issues marked with the label “discuss”

(which are still being added to, so speak up if you want to discuss something).

The following 29 issues have been closed since the last meeting in Montreal:

with the bulk of text changes being about

See the “Changes since …” sections at the end of each draft for a brief summary of what has been changed.

We currently have roughly 60 open issues remaining on the list, though 15 are editorial and many others have only small bits left to do before closing.

We are also monitoring RC 723* errata:

Right now, we have only two reports that haven’t been dealt with: