IETF 99101 - HTTPtre

Julian Reschke, greenbytes

History of HTTP in the IETF


Why and when to update

Current Status

We created a (temporary) workspace to resurrect the 723x drafts with complete change history going back to RFC2616:

With minimal edits to reflect status, we posted a set of 00 drafts:

  1. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-messaging-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7230)
  2. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-semantics-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7231)
  3. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-conditional-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7232)
  4. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-range-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7233)
  5. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-cache-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7234)
  6. draft-fielding-httpbis-http-auth-00 (HTML, diffs from RFC 7235)

Scope - the obvious

Scope - the less obvious

Re-organize once more?

Include stuff that should have been part of HTTP in the first place?

...advance to full standard? (maymight conflict with other goals)


Afterthought: annotating HTML versions of RFCs

We can inline some errata information already (in inofficial variants, that is):

...and we could extend that to information in Github issues.