HTTP Directorate Review Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to be a reviewer for the HTTP Directorate. This document captures guidelines about how the directorate operates, and how you should approach the reviews you write.


HTTP directorate reviews should usually happen early in the lifetime of a draft, to give authors ample time to correct issues before they get any deployment and are more difficult to change.

IETF stream documents that specify extensions to HTTP or applications that use HTTP are always in scope for Directorate reviews. The Directorate might also review similar documents outside the IETF stream upon request – e.g., from the ISE, W3C, or similar.

Review Topics

In general, your review should cover at least:

When writing your review, it’s important to distinguish between stylistic / aesthetic suggestions and issues that will harm interoperability or security. Not all of the uses of HTTP in the IETF will be “pretty”, and we can try to gently improve those cases, but we need to reserve more insistent feedback for practices that will actually break something.